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The Android Story So Far....

Well so far I have created three different apps that are very similar in style and what they do. These being the Reaction Calculator, Reaction Game and Speed Tapper apps. So far the Reaction Game is the most popular and I'm looking to expand on this app while looking into the possibility of creating other applications.

Many developers take to the idea of creating freemium apps where they develop both a free app and a paid app where the paid app had more features, no adds and generally a better application. People who buy android apps generally have a good idea what they are like before they pay so having a free app allows them to demo the application before the commit to paying. With my reaction game having only eight levels on the lite version I will be looking into creating a paid version with more features such as picking which level you want to do and ect and including more levels.

So far I have made only $2 with adMob but its just a start!!

Lets hope things improve! :D

Reaction Game Lite now avaliable

Reaction Game Lite is now available to download from the android market.

This app allows the the user to test out their reaction skills through a series of levels. Completing every level will allow the user to submit a highscore. More levels will be added soon. Feel free to leave a comment on anything you think should be added.

Download from here: Reaction Game Lite
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